Solidifying the Foundation

The success of an organization starts with its people. Whether your business is small and looking to grow or is established and wanting to stay ahead of the game, we meet your organization at its stage of business and level of need. HMN employs our extensive background in compliance, process and strategy to deliver scalable consulting packages based in strategic level thinking to help you achieve your vision.

Retained Service Packages

Ongoing efforts that move your HR function forward:

  • Comprehensive HR Discovery Session (Audit)
  • HR Advisement on process, procedures and policy
  • Assistance in establishing internal HR function
  • Comprehensive HR solutions through a network of trusted advisors

Customized Projects

Address specific HR needs in your organization:

  • Increasing Efficiencies
  • Improving Employee Relations
  • Managing Compliance


Empowering non-HR Professionals with a Human Resources Support System

Not all businesses have the ability, time or budget to have a dedicated HR professional onsite. We understand that, and are committed to providing bench strength through guided coaching personalized to your organization.

HMN’S Coaching packages are structured to support, educate, and address your staffs’ needs as they arise. This service is ideal for:

  • Owners, CEOs, COOs
  • Controllers
  • Office Managers
  • Practice Managers
  • Any team member who has been tasked with HR responsibility or desire to step into the role


Awareness to Achieve the Ideal Workplace

The ideal workplace culture exists, but varies from business to business—the question is, how to cultivate it? We provide your organization with personalized concepts, unique to your organization, that are relevant to your staffs’ everyday work. Easy to retain and easy to implement, our training services are offered independently, for groups, or as part of a larger retained services package.

Training Services Offered:

  • Harassment Prevention for Staff and Management
    • Aligns with EEOC guidelines and NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention regulations
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training
  • HR 101 for Managers
  • New Supervisory and Supervisory Refresher Courses
  • Recruiting & Interviewing Winning Practices
  • Performance Management
    • Effective Review Processes
    • Coaching Poor Performance
  • Employee Experience
    • Recognition and Retention
  • Best Practices for Wage and Hour

Team Effectiveness

Leading the Charge in Effective Communication and Cohesive Teamwork

Good communication skills don't always come naturally, yet are a necessary part of an organization's ability to function and grow. We provide your team with the tools needed to drive positive and effective communication in your workplace. Whether it’s interpersonal communications, a project that needs to be articulated more effectively, or a leadership team in need of adding to their skills—we utilize self and team awareness programs, tailored to your organization, that set the building blocks for productive team communication and effectiveness.

Tools That We Use:

  • Positive psychology
  • Strengths-based language
  • Awareness of the diversity of thought, approaches, styles and perceptions

Don’t see a service that addresses your organization’s current needs?

We have experience in and welcome discussions geared towards finding new programs to design, develop, and implement in the workplace.

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